The “Magnetic Hands” Hypnotic Induction

Today, you will be reading about the “Magnetic Hands” hypnotic induction.

The Magnetic Hands is often used as a suggestibility test for determining how open and responsive a subject will be.

First, have the subject hold his arms straight out in front of him with his hands about 12 to 14 inches apart.

Reach up and adjust the hands – no matter where he places them.  This will draw his attention to the hands almost completely because of the contact.

Hold your hand between his two hands with your index finger pointing directly at the subject’s face.  Tell the subject to focus all his attention on the tip of your finger.  This narrows his focus even further. 

If you just tell him to focus on the space between his hands, it will still work.  Take every opportunity to intensify focus.

The idea is to bring the individual’s focus to as small a point as possible.

So once he is staring at your fingertip, tell him to close his eyes, but keep focusing on that “spot” where the fingertip is.  Once the eyes are closed you can remove your hand, but continue to refer to “that spot” and say the following:-

“Keep focusing on that spot … and begin to imagine that there are magnets on the palms of your hands …”

At this point reach up and just lightly touch the palms of each hand as you mention the magnets.

“Imagine that these are electromagnets … and I am turning on the power … NOW!  (Snap your fingers as you say “NOW!”.) … and that the power is turning up and up … and the higher the power goes … the more your hands are being pulled together … closer and closer …”

“Now imagine that there is also a rubber band wrapped around your hands pulling them closer and closer … and the magnets are being turned up higher and higher … pulling your hands closer and closer … and another rubber band is being added … pulling your hands closer and closer …”

That should only take a few seconds.  If you do not see the hands moving towards each other, keep referring to the magnets being turned up stronger and stronger, and more and more rubber bands being added.  Once you do see the hands moving towards each other, say the following:-

“… And you know, that the moment those hands touch … you will drop into a deep, profound state of hypnosis … a deep, deep state of hypnosis … the moment those two hands touch …”

Now go back to the “turning the magnets up, making them pull harder and harder, pulling the hands closer and closer”.  And add more and more (imaginary) rubber bands pulling the hands closer and closer.

 When the hands are about 2 to 4 inches apart, move your hands just outside of his hands and suddenly push them together and downwards as you say “SLEEP! … deeper … deeper … deeper …”

Begin deepeners (intensifiers) immediately.

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