Review Of The “Magnetic Hands” Hypnotic Induction, by Alicia Fairclough

I saw a video instructed by Alicia Fairclough on the “Magnetic Hands” Hypnotic Induction.

The purpose of this hypnotic induction is to demonstrate the complexity of the mind, and to prove that the client can be hypnotized.

It is not a rapid induction as it takes several minutes to do, but it is very simple, easy and straightforward.  It would not really be suitable for wanting a client to fall into a trance very quickly, like when performing street hypnosis.

Make sure the client is sitting in a comfortable, upright position, with their feet flat on the floor.

Tell them to put their hands out in front of them, arms straight and elbows locked.

Say, “close your eyes”.

Tell them to focus on the sound of your voice, and to continue focusing on the sound of your voice.  This narrows their awareness of their surroundings to the point that all they are aware of is your voice and what you are saying to them.

Tell them, “you now have magnets in the palms of your hands.  Your hands are now starting to move towards each other, which they are now doing, and the magnets in the palm of each hand will gradually pull your hands closer and closer together”.

Keep repeating phrases such as, “the more you resist the feeling, the stronger the magnets become, ever more drawing your palms closer and closer together”.

Tell them, “your palms keep coming closer together, feeling the magnetic pull, until they clasp together as if in prayer, and they are completely stuck together”.

Again say, “the more you resist, the stronger that magnetic pull becomes, the hands getting closer and closer, until they clasp, and they’re completely clasped, sticking your hands together completely”.

Once the hands touch each other, say, “those hands are stuck together, as you continue to listen to the sound of my voice, with those palms stuck together”.

And then, after a little while, say, “And 3 – 2 – 1”, (CLAP YOUR HANDS), “your hands are now coming apart, as if by magic, and are now resting, wherever they’re comfortable”.

Tell them, “continue listening to the sound of my voice”.  Talk to them soothingly for a while to ensure they are remaining calm and peaceful.  Say, “continue to listen to the sound of my voice, as you rest in that peaceful hypnotic state.  You may notice you’re feeling heavy, that’s okay”.

From here, the hypnotist can give further hypnotic instructions and suggestions to the client.

For example, tell them, “you hear the sound of the waves rolling and breaking, rhythmic and peaceful, soothing sounds.  And as you rest in the moment, and appreciate the beauty of  nature, you are overwhelmed with a sense of calmness and peacefulness”.

And after that, waken them from their deep hypnotic state to become fully awake and fully aware, and still feeling blissfully calm and blissfully peaceful.

This is a very instructional video.  There was sufficient instruction in this video for someone to be able to perform this hypnotic induction on a client.  If you are learning this hypnotic induction, you will need to gain confidence through practice and rehearsal.  When performing this for the first time, display confidence.  Let no one know this is your first attempt.


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