The “Modified Butterfly Fingers” Hypnotic Induction

Today, you will be reading about The “Modified Butterfly Fingers” Hypnotic Induction.

The original version of this induction is an arm-pull induction.  I do not do arm-pull inductions, because I do not consider them safe, and you will need to make this decision for yourself.

This induction has been modified to have no arm-pull.

Have the subject sitting in front of you, with him sitting down, and you standing up.  Reach over and take hold of one of his arms by the wrist.  If you are right-handed, take hold of the subject’s right arm with your left hand.  Lift the arm and begin to move it around a bit.

“Now … just let me have this arm … let me hold all the weight … good …”.

Hold your other hand in front of the subject’s face, with all the fingertips pointing towards the subject’s eyes.  Hold your hand out flat, with the palm down, and the fingers slightly spread.

“Now … focus on my fingertips … focus entirely on my fingertips …”.

Begin slowly moving your hand around in front of the subject’s face.

“Follow them with your eyes … and with your head … (repeat if necessary) …”.

Continue moving your hand around in a random pattern, starting with smaller movements, and getting larger and larger with your movements.  Continue doing this for several seconds – approximately 5 to 10 seconds.

Then suddenly begin wiggling your fingers as you continue moving the hand around.  This should last for just a couple of seconds.  While still wiggling the fingers, move your hand down to a position 8 inches or so below eye level while rolling the hand to be palm up.  

At the point where your hand is completely palm up, snap your hand shut, into a fist, and sharply say “SLEEP!”.  Begin your deepeners immediately.

Note: If you are following this, you will notice that you are still holding the subject’s arm.  I use this arm to perform a deepener.  Immediately after I say the standard “deeper … deeper … deeper …”, I gently swing the arm just an inch or so each way to draw attention to it.  Then I say …

“Now … in a moment … I am going to drop this arm … when I do … just let it fall to your lap just as quickly as you want to go … all the way down … because you know … the moment this hand touches your lap … you will go all … the way … down …”.

Drop the arm just as you are saying “down” that last time.

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