The Mysterious Illness Surrounding Vapour Cigarettes

Don’t Use E Cigarettes

Today, you will be reading about the mysterious illness caused by vaping.

Six more people have recently died in the United States from a mysterious illness that has been linked to smoking vapour cigarettes. Doctors have been describing it as a “serious lung injury”. At least 450 suspected cases have also been linked to the use of vapour cigarettes, and the numbers are rising every day. The people who are sent to hospital suffering from this illness are mostly young and healthy. The known symptoms start with fever and nausea, and worsen to coughing, chest pain, and shortness of breath. All these people had recently used vapour cigarettes which contained either weed or nicotine, or both together.

Most cases of this illness connected to using vapour cigarettes are due to chemical contaminants, or poisonous agents in the vape liquids. The human lungs were not built to breathe in anything apart from clean air, and anything else such as using vapour cigarettes carries a potential health risk. Some of the cases have been linked to THC-containing products. Testing of products have shown “vitamin E acetate” in weed products which the people had used and as a result had become sick. This oil could be causing lung inflammation, but apparently not everyone who became sick had reported using such products. Other people were only using the nicotine-containing vape product. Currently, there is no guaranteed safe form of vaping.

You are therefore advised to not buy vaping products off the street from a vendor, and do not use products that have been tampered with. There are no inspections of shops that sell vapour cigarettes, so you cannot tell if such a cigarette or the liquid is from a reputable place. And also, because vapour cigarettes are relatively recent phenomena, the health risks from using them are not understood very well. The more scientists are studying them, the less safe they seem to be. Investigations have not, as yet, identified the source of the lung disorder.

Therefore, if you are using vapour cigarettes, you should stop completely. The only real solution is to stop smoking, and using vapour cigarettes, altogether. Keep to medications like gum, lozenges, patches and nasal sprays, because they are known to be medically safe. You can also try natural and safe solutions to stop smoking, such as hypnosis, which has been shown to be extremely effective at stopping smoking.

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