The Odd/Even – Open/Close Induction

Today, you will be reading about The “Odd/Even – Open/Close Induction”.

This is a rapid induction.  Rapid inductions, rather than progressive relaxation, stop the subject from going to sleep, and they allow for testing.  In this induction, the hypnotist will know that the subject is following their instructions, when the subject can no longer open their eyes.

The “Odd/Even – Open/Close” Induction is a very simple induction that can be carried out almost anywhere, at any time.  It is very similar to part of The “Eye Lock” Induction.  This induction can take as long as a minute and a half, although it often works in 30 to 45 seconds.

While maintaining eye engagement with the subject, say the following

“Now … in a moment … I will begin counting … when I say an odd number, close your eyes … and when I say an even number, open your eyes … with each odd number, I say … close your eyes … with each even number, I say … open your eyes …”

Wait just a moment, then begin counting.

“One … (wait for eyes to close) … two … (wait for eyes to open) … three (wait for eyes to close) … four (wait for eyes to open) …”

The time between numbers should be relatively short.  However, wait just a little longer after the odd numbers than you do after the even numbers, so that the eyes are closed longer than they are open. 

Let the time with the eyes closed get slightly longer each time.

“Five … that’s right … six … seven … and when your eyes want to stay closed … eight … nine … you can just let them … that’s right … ten … eleven … good … thirteen … fourteen … fifteen … seventeen …”

From this point on, randomly leave out some of the numbers.  Occasionally repeat the part, “… and when your eyes want to stay closed … you can just let them …”. 

When you notice that the eyes are no longer opening on the even numbers, say a couple more odd numbers in a row.  Then reach up, and gently tap the top or back of the subject’s head and say … “SLEEP! … deeper … deeper … deeper …”.

Begin deepeners (intensifiers) immediately.

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