The Ten Steps Of Hypnosis Process – Step 2, Eye Engagement

Today, you will be reading about the second step in The Ten Steps Of Hypnosis Process.

Step 2, Eye Engagement

Eye engagement is when the hypnotist begins to look silently and directly into the client’s eyes, and it can take anything from 5 to 20 seconds.  The 5 to 20 seconds can seem very uncomfortable or too long an amount of time to sit silently staring at someone straight in the eyes.

The very first thing the hypnotist does when doing the eye engagement, is to begin looking silently and directly into the client’s eyes.  When the hypnotist first starts staring, they should have a small amount of tension in their face, such as clenching their jaw a little bit.  They can also make a gesture by pointing to their own eyes with their index finger, which should make the client look straight back at them.  It should not be needed to say anything out loud to the client, such as “Gaze into my eyes”, or “Now look at my eyes”, or “Now look straight at me”, unless they absolutely have to.

When the hypnotist has the client looking straight back, they should slowly start to relax their facial muscles, and then watch to see if the client is following and doing the same.  The client does not have to follow the relaxing movements of the hypnotist’s face, but if they do it will make everything much easier for the hypnotist because it is a covert, or non-verbal, act of compliance.  If the hypnotist manages to get the client to do this, then the client is ready to follow further instructions.

The purpose of the eye engagement is to begin the process of reducing the client’s conscious awareness of what is around them, to the point where all they are capable of doing is focusing on nothing but the sound of the hypnotist’s voice, the hypnotist’s instructions and what the hypnotist is saying to them.  It starts to narrow their focus so that all they are aware of is the hypnotist’s voice.  It also starts to build the feeling of anticipation in the client so that they find themselves wanting to know what the hypnotist is going to do or say next.

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