The Ten Steps of Hypnosis Process – Step 1, Acts of Compliance

Today, you will be reading about the first step in The Ten Steps of Hypnosis Process.

Step 1, Acts of Compliance

Acts of Compliance are very simple and direct instructions for the client to follow, such as “sit here”.  It can speed things along if the hypnotist can get compliance right away.  For example, if the hypnotist and the client are sitting facing each other, the hypnotist could say, “move your chair a little closer”, or “sit up straight”, or “put your feet flat on the floor”.  If they are both standing up, the hypnotist could say, “move a bit to the right”, or “sit in that chair right there”.  These commands are just general things for the client to do.  They should not be rude or pushy, but just simple and direct instructions.

The hypnotist must speak clearly and with an air of authority and expectation, as well as in a commanding and masterful tone of voice, showing that they fully expect the client to follow every instruction.  The hypnotist must demonstrate his authority.  When giving instructions, it is best that the hypnotist has the tonality of voice to match the intention, and they must sound as though every instruction is expected to be followed.  Doing this generally requires using the “command tonality” which is achieved by having the tone of voice go down at the end of a sentence.

Simple acts of compliance can be carried out even before the hypnosis appointment takes place.  For example, if the hypnotist instructs a “quit smoking” client to show up at the appointment craving a cigarette because they have not smoked that day, that is an act of compliance.

The purpose of all the acts of compliance is to get the client comfortable with following the hypnotist’s instructions.

Examples of good acts of compliance are:-

  • Make sure your phone is off
  • Follow my instructions
  • Stand right there
  • Say, “Good morning”
  • Do not speak again unless I have asked you to
  • Take three steps towards me
  • Stop
  • Sign this form here
  • Sit here
  • Move closer
  • Move your chair a little to the right
  • Now move it a little to the left
  • Stand up
  • Sit down again
  • Sit up straight
  • Put your feet flat on the floor
  • Put your hands in your lap
  • Turn your head to the left
  • Turn your head to the right
  • Turn your head facing forwards
  • Make sure you’re sitting comfortably
  • Take a very deep breath
  • Close your eyes
  • Sleep

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