The Ten Steps of Hypnosis Process – Step 10, The Exduction (The Wake Up)

Today, you will be reading about the tenth step of The Ten Steps of Hypnosis Process.

Step 10, The Exduction (The Wake Up)

It is most important that you know how to bring the subject out of hypnosis, in a clean and super-fast way that leaves them feeling fantastic and absolutely wonderful, because the first impression that they have when they waken will last.  If they come out of the hypnotic state feeling tired, or dizzy and lightheaded, or if they have a headache, this is the first thing that they will remember when they think about it later on.

For this reason you want them to “come to” and open their eyes, feeling awesome, feeling incredible, and feeling utterly amazing.  You want them to remember the experience of their hypnosis session, and to remember that when it was all over, they felt sharp and alert, wide awake, happy, and refreshed and energized, along with all sorts of other good and positive adjectives.  Remember that the exduction or the wake up or whatever you wish to call it, is just one more instruction you are giving them.  It is as great a piece of hypnotic phenomena as sticking their hand to a table, or making them temporarily forget their name.  Remember that the exduction is the final hypnotic instruction that you are giving them.  You therefore need to give it the attention that is due so that you make the experience that much better for them.

During each step of the exduction, make sure you have your full attention on the subject so that you can tell they are following your instructions.  If they are responding slowly, give each step a little more energy, and add a little more detail.

The Five Count Exduction

Please note that it is absolutely essential that the way you are speaking should go with what you are saying, and therefore you should speak with proper tonality and with a voice of authority, when you are bringing the subject out of hypnosis.  If the hypnotist sounds tired or dreary and monotone, this will be how the subject feels when they open their eyes.

(The first thing to do is the setup.).


“In a moment … not now, but in a moment … I will count from 1 to 5 … When I get to 5, you will be wide awake and alert, feeling absolutely fantastic …”.

(With the setup in place, begin the following, with proper tonality).


“One … all relaxation leaving the body now …”

“Two … energy flowing in from every direction, to every cell and fibre of your being …”

“Three … Head up … Take a deep breath, filling your lungs with oxygen …”

“Four … Your lungs are clear, throat is clear, sinuses clear, head is clear, mind is clear and

sharp …”

“Five … (clap) … Open your eyes! … Wide Awake! … Alert! … Feeling excellent / fantastic /

refreshed …”.

Continue saying the positive words of Step 5 until you get a clear response from the subject that they are completely wide awake and fully out of hypnosis.  If the subject is smiling when they awaken, you can smile too, and you can even laugh a bit to see if they will start laughing along with you.  This is done so that every part of the experience is extremely enjoyable for them.