The Ten Steps of Hypnosis Process – Step 3, Slow Deep Breath

Today, you will be reading about the third step in The Ten Steps of Hypnosis Process.

Step 3, Slow Deep Breath

When someone takes in a slow, deep breath, it will generally make them relax and calm down.  It is going to encourage them to get very comfortable and become very relaxed, and this is why the hypnotist commands the client to take a slow, deep breath.

The slow deep breath is something that is easy for the client to do, and it achieves a couple of things.

The slow deep breath follows the acts of compliance and the eye engagement.  Once the hypnotist has instructed the client to carry out one or two acts of compliance, which they have followed immediately, and has been able to secure eye engagement with them for 5 to 20 seconds, they then instruct the client to take a slow, deep breath.

The hypnotist instructs the client to take a slow deep breath to achieve two things. It is also an act of compliance, and when the client takes a very slow deep breath, the hypnotist will know they are following instructions. The slow deep breath also calms the client down and helps to narrow their awareness.

The hypnotist will say something like, “Good.  Now take a slow, deep breath”, and they will make sure they remember to emphasize the word “slow” very strongly.

The hypnotist will also take a slow, deep breath themselves, so that they are going along with what the client is experiencing.  The slow deep breath serves as a covert test, because it is also an act of compliance.  If the client takes a fast breath, or a very shallow one, then he will not be following the hypnotist’s instructions, and in this case the hypnotist will say, “Okay, now take another very slow deep breath, only very SLOWLY …”.

The slow deep breath will calm the client down naturally, and will also make it easier for them to follow further instructions that are given.  The slow deep breath helps to narrow the subject’s attention and helps him concentrate more easily, putting him in a more comfortable state of mind.

As soon as the client has taken a slow, deep breath, the hypnotist can then move swiftly on to the fourth step, which is Inductions.

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