The Ten Steps of Hypnosis Process – Step 5, Simple Deepeners

Today, you will be reading about the fifth step in The Ten Steps of Hypnosis Process.

Step 5, Simple Deepeners.

A “deepener” further narrows the subject’s attention on what is around them, to the point where all they are capable of doing, is focusing only on the sound of the hypnotist’s voice and what the hypnotist is saying to them.

By turning focus into enjoyment, it becomes easier for the subject to be able to focus even more.  Once the hypnotist has linked “enjoyment” to “focusing”, the subject will find enjoyment in focusing.  They simply start to go deeper, and become even more enjoyably focused.  Now that they are focusing so enjoyably and feeling wonderful, they go even deeper, and start to feel so much better.  They automatically go even deeper still, and they focus even more enjoyably because they are enjoying it so much, and they are feeling even better.  It’s so much easier for them to now go deeper and deeper, because it becomes so much more enjoyable, and it just follows naturally.

The Simple Deepener is the very first thing the hypnotist says after the Induction, and it continues to narrow the subject’s attention.  Typically, it simply gives the subject instructions so that their attention continues to narrow.


There are two kinds of deepeners.  There are Simple Deepeners, and there are Complex Deepeners.  Today you will be learning about the Simple Deepeners.

A Simple Deepener is the most straightforward, because it is simple, fast and direct.  It is a very quick and easy way to deepen the subject’s hypnotic state.

Examples of Simple Deepeners

The “Go Deeper and Deeper Deepener”.

This is a very simple deepener.  The hypnotist describes that “to go deeper” means “to focus even more enjoyably”, and this will help the subject to understand what the word “deeper” means.  The hypnotist says, “Go deeper and deeper.  Focus even more enjoyably.  That’s what deeper means”.  This deepener links the word “deeper” with a very good and enjoyable feeling.

The “Three to Zero Deepener”.

This is another simple deepener.  The hypnotist simply counts from three down to zero, telling the subject what is going to happen with each count, and with each count, how they are going to respond to it, and how they are going to feel.  The hypnotist says, “With every count go 10 times deeper, focusing 10 times more enjoyably, and feeling 10 times better with every count”, and then counts from three all the way down to Zero.  This deepener further links very good and enjoyable feelings to “going deeper”.

The “Tap Deepener”

This deepener is very simple but incredibly effective, and it is useful as a covert test to see if the subject is following instructions.  It is often used after a complex deepener, but it is very effective at any point for really deepening the subject’s state of hypnosis.  The hypnotist simply taps the subject’s hand, knee or shoulder or wherever, and looks for any kind of physical reaction in response to the tap.  The hypnotist says, “When I tap you on your knee, you will instantly go 10 times deeper”.  They will look for a physical reaction and whether there is one or not, the hypnotist tells the subject how good they’re now feeling.  The hypnotist repeats the tap twice more, and tells the subject what a wonderful place they’re now in.  The subject is now much deeper than they were before and is feeling awesome and absolutely wonderful.

The “Hand Drop Deepener”

This deepener can be used with several hypnotic inductions, such as The Hand Drop Induction.  The hypnotist uses it when they do an induction where they are holding the subject’s arm or hand at the end of the induction.  While the hypnotist is still holding the subject’s arm, they say, “Now, in a moment, I am going to drop this arm”.  Or, if the arm is “floating”, they say, “Now, in a moment, I am going to touch the back of this hand”.  After this, they say, “When I do, you can just let it fall to your lap, just as quickly as you want to go, all the way down … because you know, the moment this hand, touches your lap, you will go … all … the way … down”.  The hypnotist drops the arm just as they are saying “down” the second time.  Then they say, “Very good … deeper and deeper”.  The subject is now deep in hypnosis and is feeling incredible.

The “Snap Deepener”

The hypnotist says, “In a moment, I will snap my fingers, and you will instantly go 10 times deeper, and every time I snap my fingers you will go 10 times deeper with every snap”.

The “Knock Deepener”

The hypnotist says, “In a moment, I will knock on the desk, and you will instantly go 10 times deeper, and every time I knock on the desk you will go 10 times deeper with every knock”.


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