The Ten Steps of Hypnosis Process – Step 6, The Boilerplate

Today, you will be reading about the sixth step in The Ten Steps of Hypnosis Process.

Step 6, The Boilerplate

The Boilerplate follows the Simple Deepeners.  It is a small set of simple instructions which the hypnotist uses to take control of the environment where the hypnosis session is taking place.  The actual word “boilerplate” is a legal term referring to “any text that is or can be reused in new contexts or applications without being changed much from the original”.

The purpose of The Boilerplate is that it narrows the subject’s attention even further, thus enabling them to concentrate even more comfortably, and it removes all outside distractions from their awareness.  It tells the subject that whenever they hear these disturbances in the outside environment, they will not be disturbed at all because they will be so deeply focused on the hypnotist’s voice and what the hypnotist is saying to them.

There will be “challenges” in almost every environment, such as noises or vibrations, over which the hypnotist cannot personally exert control.  For example, if the hypnosis session is being held in a very busy local shopping centre, or in the lobby of a big hotel, there will be all kinds of noises and disturbances all around.  These will include people moving about, doors slamming, telephones ringing loudly, people’s voices, or even the subject’s friends who are doing things like taking photographs of the session that might disrupt the process.  Therefore, when the hypnotist uses The Boilerplate, he will be able to take control of the subject’s reactions to all of these possible disruptions.

The Boilerplate goes like this:- “Starting now … every sound, every voice you hear … inside and out … makes it easier and easier to focus only on my voice … and follow my instructions even easier … and everything you feel … inside and out … makes it easier and easier to focus only on my voice … and follow my instructions even easier …”.  The phrase “inside and out” is deliberately ambiguous, because it could mean either “inside the room or outside”, or “inside yourself” or “outside yourself”, and the ambiguity allows the hypnotist to cover all possibilities.  The part at the end presumes that it is already very easy to follow the hypnotist’s instructions.

The instructions given to the subject continue until the last part of The Boilerplate, where the hypnotist says:-

“And starting now … every breath that you take guides you deeper … and the deeper you go the better you feel and the better you feel the deeper you go … so just keep going deeper and feeling better with every breath … just like that …”.  This instruction does two things.  Firstly, the hypnotist uses it as a covert test, because when the subject’s breathing changes as they go deeper and deeper, this will show they are physically following the hypnotist’s instructions.  Secondly, because it links breathing to the pleasure of going deeper, it further narrows the subject’s awareness on the hypnotist’s instructions.

When the hypnotist has completed the instructions for The Boilerplate, he can then move straight on to the seventh step, which is “Complex Deepeners”.

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