The Ten Steps of Hypnosis Process – Step 7, Complex Deepeners

Today, you will be reading about the seventh step in The Ten Steps of Hypnosis Process.

Step 7, Complex Deepeners

Complex Deepeners begin just after The Boilerplate.

They are a set of simple yet detailed and very descriptive instructions which the hypnotist uses to deepen the subject’s hypnotic state even further.  The instructions should be as clear and concise as possible, and should be very easy for the subject to follow.  Complex Deepeners engage the imagination much more fully than the “go deeper” Simple Deepeners, and they can intensify the subject’s hypnotic state to an extremely focused level.

The hypnotist says:- “This is what I’m going to do.  This is how you’re going to respond”.

Examples of Complex Deepeners

The Auto-Deepener

The hypnotist uses this deepener when he wants the subject to deepen himself, for whatever reason that may be desired.  It needs a good set-up, but once it gets going, it goes on for quite a while, and takes the subject very, very deep without the hypnotist having to do very much.  This deepener can also be used as a covert test, because when the subject goes deep enough into hypnosis, he will barely be able to nod his head or he might stop nodding his head altogether, and this will prove to the hypnotist that he is following the instructions.

The hypnotist tells the subject that even though he is feeling absolutely wonderful right now, there is always a level that’s deeper, where he feels even better.  He tells him to go to that deeper level, where he is even more focused, and feeling even better.  He instructs the subject to nod his head when he gets there.  Again, he tells him to go even further, and to focus even more enjoyably, feeling even better, and to nod his head when he finds an even deeper level.  The hypnotist tells him to just keep going deeper, to keep finding a deeper level, and to keep nodding his head when he gets there, and to keep going deeper still.  He tells him to just continue this process of going deeper, feeling better, and nodding his head repeatedly until he is told to stop.  The hypnotist continues to say something like … “Going even deeper … feeling even better … and deeper still … and … deeper … still…“.  When he believes the subject is sufficiently deep enough, which will be when he is barely able to nod his head, or even stops nodding his head altogether, the hypnotist finishes off by saying, “And now you can stop nodding your head … and if you like … go … even … deeper”.

This deepener causes the subject to go extremely deeply into hypnosis by himself, and results in an extremely deep hypnotic state which he will find to be highly focused and most enjoyable.

The Passing Through The Zero Deepener

The hypnotist uses this deepener to draw the subject’s attention to the wonderful and intense pleasure that he will experience once he actually passes through the zero.

There are a couple of points to note here.  1. When the hypnotist is saying, “… the anticipation is building” … he must sound as though he senses that the anticipation is actually building inside the subject.  If the hypnotist sounds bored or monotone at this point, the effect will not be so great for the subject.  However, if the hypnotist really sounds like he can feel the anticipation building right along with the subject, he will actually sense that and it will have that effect within him.  2. If the hypnotist happens to know of any specific event in the subject’s life where he has experienced great joy and absolutely wonderful feelings, he can use this “experience” to build up and enhance the event of passing through the zero by referring to it.

The hypnotist tells the subject that he is going to count down from five to zero.  He instructs him to see the zero in the distance, so far out that he can only just see it.  He says that when he begins counting, the subject will begin moving towards the zero, and the closer the hypnotist gets to the zero, the closer he will get to the zero.  The hypnotist tells him that when he reaches the zero, he will also reach the zero … and he will pass right through the centre of the zero … into the most profound and wonderful hypnotic experience that he could ever imagine.  The hypnotist starts counting, and when he says “Zero!” … he will say, “pass through the zero now and enjoy that amazing experience … let it wash over you and through you … and fill your mind and your body … let it fill you and wash over you … and just enjoy that amazing experience … right now”.

Fractionation Deepener

Fractionation is the process that the hypnotist uses to take the subject in and out of hypnosis repeatedly.  The hypnotist can also use it as an induction by itself, such as the “Odd / Even – Open / Close Induction”.  By having the subject open and close his eyes repeatedly, he will come to a state where he naturally enters hypnosis, and by continuing the “open – close”, his focus will grow narrower and narrower.

The hypnotist tells the subject that he is going to start counting from 1 to 3, and when he snaps his fingers, the subject’s eyes will open, his head will come up, and he will feel absolutely wonderful.  He will feel just as though he was wide awake, feeling good, feeling happy, feeling better than he has felt for some time.  And when he says “Sleep” and snaps his fingers, the subject’s eyes will close, his head will go down, and he will go 10 times deeper than he is now, and he will feel even better because the deeper he goes, the better he feels, and the better he feels, the deeper he goes.  The hypnotist repeats this again, and then says … “And … if you are already in hypnosis … when I say “Sleep” and snap my fingers … you will instantly go 10 times deeper … 10 times deeper … every time I say “Sleep” and snap my fingers”.  The hypnotist says, “Nod your head if you understand and accept this”.

Now the hypnotist begins the fractionation.  He counts from 1 to 3, and snaps his fingers, and when the subject’s head comes up, he immediately looks him straight in the eye and says, “that feels really good, doesn’t it?”.  The hypnotist doesn’t ask if it feels good, he tells him it does and throws in the “tag question”.  Then he says, “Sleep” and snaps his fingers … and immediately says, “that’s right … going deeper and deeper … 10 times deeper … because the deeper you go, the better you feel … and the better you feel the deeper you go”.  The hypnotist repeats the process from 3 to 6 times, making sure that each time he says, “that feels really good, doesn’t it?”.

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