The Ten Steps Of Hypnosis Process – Step 8, The Golden Box

Today, you will be reading about the eighth step of The Ten Steps Of Hypnosis Process.

Step 8, The Golden Box

The Golden Box is a set of instructions that tell the subconscious mind what actions to take when you are helping someone with certain problems, such as quitting smoking or weight loss.  It basically tells the subconscious mind what to do.

It is very straightforward and very simple, but it needs to be broken down into three or four steps in order to make the instructions easy for the subconscious mind to understand and subsequently follow.

The Four Steps of The Golden Box

The First Step – “The Transition”

The very first step of The Golden Box is called The Transition, and this immediately follows the Complex Deepeners.

When you have reached the last part of the Complex Deepeners, such as The Passing Through The Zero, you may want to add another Complex Deepener such as The Touch Deepener.  This will totally ensure that by this time, the subject will be completely engrossed in following every single one of your instructions.  They will be in an extremely deep state of hypnosis and their attention will be completely narrowed.  They will be aware of nothing but your voice, and what you are saying, and the instructions that you are giving them to follow.  At this point, you say something like, “Now just enjoy that amazing experience … that deep, profound state of hypnosis … enjoy a deep state of trance … fully experience that … and enjoy it as it washes over you and through you, and through your mind and through your body …”.  This instructs the subject’s conscious attention to concentrate fully on the experience.  Then say, “Now focus everything on this incredible experience … let your conscious mind totally enjoy absolutely everything you’re experiencing … right now … because you no longer have to pay any more attention to what I am saying … you no longer have to pay any more attention to my voice … you don’t even have to remember my words … because right now I am speaking directly to the subconscious mind …”.  This now explains that right now you have direct access to the subject’s subconscious mind.

The Second Step – “This is what you’ve been doing – Great Job!”.

The second step begins with the last line of The Transition, which is, “I’m speaking to you, the subconscious mind”.

You are now speaking directly to the subject’s subconscious mind, and you need to talk to it as though it is a very bright, 9 year old child.  Say, “I’m speaking to You, the subconscious mind.  Subconscious mind, You are the one in charge.  You are in control”.  This acknowledges that the subconscious mind is the one in control.  Next say, “Up to now … you are the one that has been creating the need for cigarettes … for tobacco …”.  This will remind it about what it has been doing.  Now say, “You have had your reasons for creating the desires for cigarettes … the desire to smoke … the desire to have that cigarette … you have had your reasons … and you have been doing your job very well …”.  This will tell the subconscious mind that it had its reasons for creating the desire to smoke cigarettes, and that it has been doing its job very well.

The Third Step – “Now you’re going to do this instead”.

The third step tells the subconscious mind that what it has been doing is no longer good, safe or healthy for the subject.  Say, “But now you know things are different … Now you know that being a smoker is no longer what is good for Amanda … it is no longer what is safe or healthy for Amanda …”.  Telling the subconscious mind that things are different will introduce the reason for it to do a new job.  Say, “You now know that is not what is good for Amanda … You know that is not what she needs to be healthy … physically, mentally, or emotionally …” .  Here you are giving it new information that is in the subject’s best interest.  Then you say, “You now know that what is best for Amanda is to be a non-smoker … you know that is what is safest and healthiest for Amanda … physically, mentally, or emotionally … there will be no cravings or withdrawals of any kind whatsoever … because Amanda is a non-smoker …”.  This reminds the subconscious mind that the subject is a non-smoker.  Then say, “Starting right now … from this day forward … you will inspire Amanda to no longer smoke … and to become fit and healthy … you will motivate her to never touch another cigarette ever again …you will motivate her to completely quit smoking … she will be able to stop coughing … she will no longer have trouble with being short of breath … she will once again be able to take up running in the countryside that she used to so enjoy … and she will become a non-smoker … because you always have her best interests at heart”.

The Fourth Step – Get Agreement.

The fourth step is where you get agreement from the subconscious mind that it will change the subject from being a smoker to becoming a non-smoker.  You simply say, “Nod your head when you accept and understand this instruction”.  Here the subconscious mind, rather than the subject, is asked to accept the new instructions, and the required result surely follows.

When the hypnotist has completed the instructions for The Golden Box, he can then move straight on to the ninth step, which is “The Magic Mirror”.

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