The “Wrist Lift” Hypnotic Induction

Today, you will be reading about “The Wrist Lift” hypnotic induction.

This is based on an induction which I have seen a hypnotist do on a video, and I like it because it is very simple and straightforward.

Begin with the subject seated, with their hands in their lap.

“I am going to lift one of your hands by the wrist …”

Lift either of their hands by the wrist. 

“Is that all right? …”

(He will, of course, say “yes”, since you have already done it).

“Don’t help me … let me hold it up …”

Hold it there for a few seconds.

“Now … just pick a spot right here …”

Point to a spot on the hand that he can easily see and focus on.

“Focus on that spot … focus all your attention on that spot … do not look away for any reason …”

Begin to slowly move the hand several inches towards the face … then slowly begin to move it away.

Pay close attention to notice when you can let it go and have it just stay there (this is known as catalepsy).  Release the arm, and let it hang there for just a second.  Reach up and wave your hand down in front of the subject’s eyes.

“Now just close your eyes … SLEEP! … deeper … deeper … deeper …”

(The hand will probably still be hanging there.  If it is, the following is a great way to use this as a deepener).

“Now … in a moment … I am going to touch the back of this hand … when I do … you can just let it fall to your lap … just as quickly as you want it to go … all the way down … because you know … the moment this hand touches your lap … you will go … all … the … way … down”.

Tap the back of the hand just as you are saying “down” that last time.

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