Top Tips to Help You To Quit Smoking

Ideas To Stop You Smoking

Today, you will be reading about some easy ways to help you to quit smoking for good.

Tell your family and friends that you have given up smoking. Then if for example they are in the car with you, they will know not to smoke. And when you are at your workplace, tell the people who work with you that you no longer smoke. Find fellow non-smokers to enjoy your work breaks with, or do something else like go for a walk.

Try to avoid triggers that tempt people to smoke. Drinking alcohol will often do this, so drink inside places where smoking is prohibited or stick to non-alcoholic drinks. When you have had a meal, instead of lighting up a cigarette out of habit, eat something healthy like some fresh fruit such as an apple.

Find distraction techniques to help you when you feel the urge to smoke. Keep yourself busy by doing things. Wash the dishes, watch television, or have a long conversation with someone on the telephone. Go for a walk outside, which will also burn calories and help to keep your weight down.

You should constantly remind yourself about why you have decided to quit smoking. Keep telling yourself about the health benefits such as lowering your risks of asthma, lung cancer and heart disease. And of course there are financial benefits, because you will not need to spend any money on cigarettes.

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