What Happened When Katie Went To See A Hypnotist For Help With Keeping Her New Year’s Resolutions

Katie knew that hundreds of people make New Year’s resolutions every year, usually on the 1st January. Some of them manage somehow, in some magical way, to achieve great success at keeping them, while others just simply fall by the wayside and fail miserably.

When the ones that do not manage to, for example, quit smoking, or lose any weight, they just simply shrug their shoulders and get on with their lives. They think no more about it at all and say to themselves, “OK, I’ll try again next January”. They lose all their self-motivation that they might have had about their resolution, and go back to sitting around aimlessly thinking about how they were going to make their life better.

Katie had been quite tubby for most of her life. She was now 24, and she was totally fed up with being fat. A couple of weeks ago she decided to finally do something about losing some weight, because she knew that if she succeeded she would be so much more attractive and self-confident than she was at present. She wanted a sense of ease, a sense of comfort, and peace of mind so that she wasn’t constantly worrying about how she looked all the time. However, she did not want to join a slimming club, because that would mean she would have to be weighed in public once a week in front of everybody. Nor did she want to go on a countryside ramble every weekend with 200 other people struggling along a 20-mile route.

One Saturday morning, she went online and found a lady called Rosemary who had a business called Worthing Hypnosis. And right now Katie was sitting in this very nice office, and Rosemary was very polite and friendly and also very chatty. She was saying that hypnosis is an absolutely wonderful way of helping people to make great changes in their life, and it can really help them to keep up with their New Year’s resolutions. When Katie heard that, she became quite excited by the whole idea. She also decided that she would buy a book on hypnosis as well.

When Rosemary had finished asking Katie questions about her health and why she had come to see her, Rosemary told her what would happen in the hypnosis session. She explained to Katie that during the hypnosis session, she will talk to her in a very calming and soothing manner so that her mind and body became extremely relaxed. Doing this will place Katie in a deep, very relaxed and very peaceful hypnotic state, which would then enable Rosemary to directly access and speak to Katie’s subconscious mind. Rosemary will need to do this in order to give Katie’s subconscious mind a completely new set of instructions to follow regarding her wish to lose weight. Rosemary also advised Katie that she should be more specific and less vague in her resolutions, and say something to herself such as, “I will lose six kgs in six months”. This will allow her subconscious mind to think calmly and rationally about it all, and, because it knew how much weight and how many months she had to lose it in, it knew there was no rush and there was plenty of time in which to achieve Katie’s goal.

So when Rosemary gently asked her if she could please lie on the couch and get into a very comfortable position, handing her three very fluffy large pillows for her head, Katie was more than pleased to do so. She was not at all afraid because Rosemary had explained it all so well. It was 3.15 pm, and Katie was lying on the couch, feeling extremely comfortable, and Rosemary had been wafting on for what seemed like an hour, until she was satisfied that Katie was in a very deeply relaxed hypnotic state. She was saying, “And now I speak to you, subconscious mind”. And although Katie knew Rosemary was giving her subconscious mind various instructions, such as telling it to increase Katie’s energy levels so that she was able to increase her physical activities, like for example, going for a 15 minute walk every other day outside in the fresh air, she didn’t really fully conscious. She felt as though she was about to drop off to sleep, but couldn’t quite. This was because she wanted to know what was happening, as it were. She actually felt quite sleepy most of the time. Then the gentle music stopped playing, and she heard, as though miles away in the distance, Rosemary actually telling her to wake up. “You can wake up now, Katie”, Rosemary said. Katie opened her eyes, and she was smiling widely. “I’m going to beat this”, she said, as she climbed off the very comfortable couch, feeling intensely grateful to Rosemary for all her hard work which she knew was going to achieve her resolution to lose the weight she so wanted to lose.

Hypnosis is a very safe, natural way to achieve things that you would like to experience, such as a sense of ease, a sense of comfort, and peace of mind. It will help to clear away all your stress and anxiety. It will also motivate you to achieve and keep your New Year resolutions. You will find it an extremely calming and a very relaxing process, and I can guarantee that you will really enjoy it.

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