What Happened When Wendy Went To A Hypnotist About Her Bad Habit

Wendy was 25 years old, she lived alone, and she had been unemployed for quite some time. This was mainly due to the effects of Covid-19, because a lot of people like herself had been laid off work and did not have a lot of money.

Wendy had several thoughts and good ideas about owning a hairdresser’s salon with a nail-bar, where ladies could go and have their nails done after the hairdresser had finished with doing them. She had always loved going to the hairdresser’s and always asked for Lorraine because she was about the same age and was interested in the same sorts of things. Wendy had also come up with the idea of practising on friends and family first, and not charging them anything to start with, and when she became qualified in doing nails she would then open a hairdresser’s and nail-bar.

However, a real problem that Wendy had, was that she was constantly biting her nails. Hundreds of people had dreadful fingernails. She had read countless articles online about “How to stop biting your nails”. She just couldn’t stop. The minute she started worrying about every silly little thing, or even if she was simply waiting around for a cake to cook in the oven, she would sit down and automatically start biting her fingernails. She would think something like, “How on earth do I stop myself from constantly biting my fingernails?”, and she would look at them with some disgust. She had spent some time browsing through loads of articles on this question, and there were quite a few answers, which she got down to about half a dozen possibilities. One that really caught her attention was an advertisement about a lady hypnotist called Rosemary.

Wendy had learned a lot of things about the bad habit of nail-biting, including its medical name which was “onychophagia”. Nail-biting causes not only an unattractive appearance of the fingernails, but it can also significantly physically damage the nails and their cuticles. Wendy had read that in times of terrible boredom, severe depression, and psychological distress, some people often automatically resort to nail-biting or even nail-eating, because every time they even attempt to resist the amazing and wonderful feelings of sheer absolute pleasure that they experience from this habit, they find that they cannot do so, however hard they try. It is much the same as the permanent alcoholic, who, every time they feel sad, low, or depressed, will automatically reach for the wine bottle for the soothing, pleasurable feelings that they get from drinking the wine.

Wendy made an appointment to see the hypnotist called Rosemary, because she wanted to put an end to her nail-biting habit once and for all. Wendy was constantly nail-biting and she knew that all her fingernails on both hands were broken, flaking off, ugly, and unattractive. Whenever she got worried or anxious she would start biting them and chewing them off, and this in some strange way gave her a lot of personal pleasure.

When Wendy arrived at Rosemary’s apartment, she rang the doorbell. The door was opened by Rosemary herself, who looked just like a hypnotist should, wearing a long-sleeved white shirt and a long plain black skirt. “Good morning”, she said. Wendy said “Hello”. Then Rosemary became masterful and said, “Give me your coat”.

Wendy did as she was told, and Rosemary hung it on the back of the front door. Rosemary pointed to an upright plain wood chair near the door. “Sit in that chair, and fill in this form with all your personal details including your name and address and contact telephone number”. “Thank you”, Wendy said. When Wendy had done this, Rosemary then instructed, “Lie on that couch over there”. Wendy climbed onto the couch, which was extremely comfortable to lie on, and she pulled the rug over herself because it was quite a cold day.

Rosemary was firmly in charge of the situation, and she said in a very smooth yet commanding voice, “Now make yourself very comfortable. All you will be aware of is the sound of my voice, and the gentle soothing music playing”. Wendy found herself becoming more and more relaxed and she was almost drifting off. She felt as though she was asleep and actually dreaming a very peaceful and relaxing dream.

An image that Wendy felt she was “dreaming” about

Although she could physically hear Rosemary talking as though from a distance, and some music playing in the background, she could not really understand what was going on. She vaguely knew that Rosemary had direct access to her subconscious mind and that she was speaking directly to it, and giving it instructions to follow that would stop her biting her nails completely, but she could not understand how it all worked. Then Rosemary was saying, “And now you will totally awaken, and you will be wide awake, having enjoyed the most amazing experience”. And then the music stopped, and there was only silence apart from the ticking of a clock on the mantle shelf. “How was that for you?”, Rosemary asked. “Um, oh, that was absolutely amazing”, Wendy said, and she felt totally incredible and absolutely wonderful, and she told Rosemary so.

Several weeks later, Wendy called Rosemary to report the results from the hypnosis, and told her how pleased she was about how fantastic her fingernails were looking, and how she hadn’t even thought about biting or chewing her fingernails for the last three weeks since the hypnosis session. Wendy also told Rosemary that she felt a lot happier in herself, now that her fingernails looked so much more attractive, and she mentioned about her idea of becoming an owner of a nail-bar where she could show people how good her own nails were.

Hypnosis is something that many people find useful and very helpful with many problems, for example if they are trying to conquer a bad habit like nail-biting. Hypnosis places you into a deeply relaxed, hypnotic state, whereupon the hypnotist can address your subconscious mind directly.

This means they can speak to it directly, and give it instructions to follow that will help you to overcome your problem. Hypnosis will leave you with a wonderful feeling of calm and peace, and a sense of ease, comfort and total peace of mind.

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