What Makes A Hypnotist’s Voice Bad Or Good?, by Rosemary Barrett

I am now going to write about the different kinds of hypnotists’ voices, and I am also going to give some tips on speaking well when you are talking with or hypnotizing a person.

As the hypnotist, you need to remember that you are in charge of the client, you are boss, and you have to speak to them in such a way that they will simply follow all your instructions.  You must speak clearly, and with great clarity, and you need to use simple and straightforward words that everybody can understand.

First of all, reduce all of the “um’s”, “aah’s”, “er’s”, and “erm’s”, and all those sorts of things, because they do not mean anything, and they are basically “filler sounds”.  A client is not going to respond very well to somebody who says something like, “Now, er, go deeper, um, and now, um, go even deeper, erm, and now, er, go even deeper still”.  There has to be no breaks and no useless sounds like “errr”, between words.

Do not have any breaks between words, and do not make any useless sounds.

In English, the tonality of the voice should go “down”.  In other languages, it may be different, but if you speak in English and you make a command, the tonality goes down at the end.  For example, if you said to a client, “Now you’re going to get very comfortable”, with your tonality going down as you said “comfortable”, they are going to respond very differently if you said, “Now you’re going to get really comfortable?”.  In the latter case, you phrased it as a question, which would sound uncertain.  So make sure that you phrase “Now you’re going to get very comfortable” as  a command, where the tonality goes down.

Speak as evenly as possible, not too fast or not too slow, so that the words do not have too many long pauses, or too many short pauses between them.  They’re fairly consistent with how quickly you speak.

If you are using a complex deepener such as The Passing Through The Zero, you can, in fact, get really excited.  Always try and talk like you’re telling a story in an excited way.

For example, when you are describing the countdown from Five to the Zero, speak slightly faster and talk like you’re really excited about getting to the Zero.  If you are sounding excited when you say, “Five – Begin moving towards the Zero now … you want to get to it, and through it, as quickly as possible”, this will make them feel excited, because they will hear and feel the excitement in your voice as you are describing the process.

When you say, “Four – The anticipation is getting stronger and stronger as you get closer and closer to the Zero”, you want them to feel even more excited, because they are getting closer and closer still to the Zero.

You’re describing a feeling of anticipation, and you really need to try and talk in an excited way, simply because you are feeling anticipation.  If you are sounding excited while you are describing the anticipation, they will also feel excited, because once again they will hear the excitement in your voice and they will sense and feel the anticipation accordingly.

So, use that tonality of anticipation, or rather, excitement in this case.

Speak a little faster, in a slightly faster way of speaking, with a little more energy and have that sense of excitement and anticipation in your voice.



What is interesting, is that there is a little subset of people who, when they hear whispering, it’s not arousing, but it feels very pleasant to them.  They call it like being tickled.

There is a number of hypnosis audios out there, for example on “you tube”, when you hear people talking just like this, really softly, and they are made specifically for these people.

This pleasant state actually has a name to it, which is ASMR.  ASMR is an acronym, which is “a word formed from or based on the initial letters of other words”.  ASMR means Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.  This is a term used for “the experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine”.

There is a whole subset of people who find the whispering very pleasant, and there is a whole bunch of people who will whisper, because that is the market they are appealing to.

For these people who enjoy the whispering, it must be just awesome for them.  When they try to explain it, they say that it puts them in a very pleasant state, it is not “arousing”, it’s just very pleasant, and tingling, and it puts them in a sort of flow-like mental state, and it’s very pleasurable.  It’s a small group of people who respond like that.


There are people who didn’t know they had this, but they would also go around listening to you tube videos, and then they would find ones that they would just like to listen to over and over again, and it was usually these people who “spoke very softly and very gently, and just whispered like this, very gently”.

But understand that ASMR, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is not “arousing”, it is just very pleasant for these people.  It’s just uniquely very pleasant.  They enjoy hearing it, just like someone might enjoy a fragrance.

It is just, for some people, very pleasant, very soothing, and very calming.


There are many general hypnosis audios and videos out there, and  many of them are on you tube.  Some are bad, where the hypnotist has an awful, squeaky voice and sounds like a mouse squeaking, and some are very, very good.

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