What To Expect At Your Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session, by Rosemary Barrett

So, you have finally made an appointment for a hypnosis session for stopping smoking, and you are going to see this wonderful hypnotist called Rosemary.  You may be feeling excited and relieved, having made your appointment.  Rosemary has asked you not to smoke for a couple of hours on the day you are seeing her, and you have complied with her request because you were so excited about being hypnotized.

When you are finally there, that excitement and relief turns to ease and comfort when you first meet with your hypnotist.  Rosemary is a very friendly person, who is very easy to talk to, and she will greet you in a warm and welcoming way, in a comfortable place.  “Sit here and make yourself really comfortable”, Rosemary will tell you, pointing to one of the luxurious armchairs.  You will sit down and make yourself very comfortable.  The comfortable chair will put you even more at ease.

Rosemary will ask you questions about your smoking habit, and the reasons why you want to quit.

You will find that she is a very kind and compassionate person, and she listens intently to everything that you want to say.  She really cares about the problems you have with smoking, and she sincerely wants to help you to be able to stop.

It is now time for the actual hypnosis session itself, that you have so eagerly been waiting for.  You will find it’s very peaceful, relaxing and easy to follow.  At the end of the session, you will be tested for the results.  Typically, if you have followed the instructions, you will not be able to crave a cigarette, even as hard as you try.

You will be able to understand everything that is said.  You will feel deeply relaxed, and comfortable.  Your mind may wander and you may feel as though you have drifted off, that is all normal.  You may think for a moment that you’re asleep, or you may forget how long time has passed, but you generally feel good.  All the feelings in hypnosis are pleasant and concentrated.

When the hypnosis session is over, you will be asked to test your cravings for cigarettes.  It is here that most people are amazed at the results.  Further hypnosis sessions help to reinforce your determination to never smoke a cigarette again and live as a non-smoker.



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