Why Mary Wanted To See A Hypnotist To Lose Weight

Mary is a 27-year-old secretary who lived on her own in a medium-sized apartment in the middle of town. It is now another New Year, and it is that time of year when people start to think about what New Year’s Resolutions they should be making. Mary had recently been spending some time thinking about ways in which she could improve her life, and she always had trouble making decisions whatever they were about. She was always a nervous kind of person, and she sometimes felt anxious and stressed. Right now, she had just enjoyed spending about half an hour writing down a list of possible Resolutions that she could make, including “Conquer bad habits”, “Quit smoking”, “Lose weight”, “Get your finances in order”, and “Clear out the junk from your apartment”.

While she had been writing this list, she suddenly remembered a television programme that she had recently seen, that had discussions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. She had found it all extremely interesting, and she really liked the hypnotist who was presenting the programme. “I know”, she thought to herself, “I’m going to call that hypnotist in town called Rosemary whom I’ve seen advertised, and see if I can make an appointment for next week”. Mary had decided that she needed to drop a couple of kilograms in weight, because she weighed 63 kilograms and wanted to be more like 55 kilograms, and she felt quite self-confident when she picked up the phone. When she made the call, she found Rosemary very friendly and easy to talk to, and she mentioned that she wanted to lose weight. She arranged an appointment for 11.30 am on the following Saturday morning.

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Mary had no trouble finding Rosemary’s address, and when she had rung the bell for the Upper Apartment, Rosemary said to go straight up. There was no receptionist, just a cheerful and friendly Rosemary, who said, “Now let me take your coat”, which she hung up carefully. She then instructed Mary to go and sit down in the comfortable armchair, in the corner over there. Mary did as she was told, and then Rosemary passed her a Client Intake Form to complete. Rosemary said that Mary needed to complete it because she needed the information like Mary’s address and telephone number, and various other questions like her hobbies and interests, and any health problems. They then had a very friendly chat including why she wanted to lose weight, and how much she wanted to lose, and was there a timeframe in which she wanted to lose it by, which there wasn’t.

Mary had noticed a very comfortable-looking couch along one wall of Rosemary’s office, and when Rosemary said that she was about to begin the hypnosis session, Mary immediately got up on it when instructed to do so. It was really soft to lay down on, and Mary felt as though she was sort of sinking right into it. As it was January, Rosemary offered a dark purple rug to help make Mary feel comfortable. “Now, Mary”, she heard Rosemary saying very smoothly, as if she was some distance away, “I just want you to make sure that you’re feeling very comfortable. All I am going to do today, is to make you feel very warm, cosy and relaxed, and all you will hear is the sound of my voice”. At that point Mary found herself relaxing very easily.


She was vaguely aware of what was actually being said, and she could hear Rosemary’s voice very clearly, but at the same time she sort of felt that she was almost dropping off to sleep. It is at this point in a hypnosis session, when the subject is feeling both physically and mentally relaxed, that the hypnotist can access their deeper mind, known as the subconscious mind. The hypnotist can then speak directly to the subject’s subconscious mind, and they can give it direct instructions to follow that will help the subject to achieve what they want, such as the ability to lose weight. (Rosemary had said that she would be able to speak to Mary’s subconscious mind directly, and give it certain instructions that would help her to reach her desired weight).

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Mary spent a whole hour like this, feeling extremely comfortable on this very comfortable couch, and she almost felt like she had sort of gone off to sleep. So, when Rosemary got to the part of the hypnosis session where it was time to wake Mary up, Mary was quite reluctant but nevertheless knew that she must follow the instruction to waken. When the hypnosis session had finished, and Mary had fully woken, she felt very calm and peaceful and relaxed, but at the same time she felt that she had quite a lot of energy. Mary also felt very pleased that she had made the effort to come and see Rosemary, because she definitely felt that the hypnosis would somehow be able to help her in her quest to lose weight.

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